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Monkey King

Change Leadership Lessons From The Monkey King

The DC Change Management Training is designed to affect the emotions, cooperation and commitment of your people by affecting organizational culture. The end result is leaders who can create visible changes in the attitudes and interactions of employees and a more effective culture. The Change Leadership process incorporates proven methods that affect Culture and have created positive change in numerous organizations and this course provides clarity of “How” the Organizational change will be Effectively Implemented


An Interactive Journey of Discovery That Builds Organizational Leaders from the Inside Out


DIRECTIVE COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL is a Global Leadership Development and Organizational Culture Change provider. We apply the Directive Communication™ Psychology (DC) to enhance the performance of diverse organizations and individuals in various roles and cultures to competently and enthusiastically work together towards a common goal.
The DC Leadership and Organizational Development System has been successfully implemented

in multinational organizations across Asia and the middle east such as Philips, Motorola, Emirates, Dell, Citibank, Nestle, SingTel, Toyota, Marriott and many more. DC’s One Core Human Discipline integrates the psychology of Leadership, Culture, Communication, Teamwork, Management, Sales and Service.


Ineffective Team Work

People waiting to be told what to Do

Low Employee Engagement

Poor and Unclear Communication

Ineffective Team Work

People waiting to be told what to Do

Low Employee Engagement

Poor and Unclear Communication


Behavior Change with Lessons from The Monkey King

Based on a 3 day program with 3 month follow up Based on averages using a 10 point scale


Each of our Organizational Change experts is not only certified as a Directive Communication Organizational Development Psychology Trainer and Practitioner, but is Culture Change certified, having practical experience in the Implementation of at least one of our successful Organizational Culture Change Initiatives. Each program leader has gone through an extensive certification process and is tested by Arthur Carmazzi himself.



Department Focused

People do not look past their own areas of responsibility and the agendas in their own departments. This causes segmentation of the organizations overall objective.

Organization Focused

People see the whole organization and its objectives as supporting their personal success. The creation of a supportive work culture is tied to cross departmental cooperation.


Employees have the “job” mentality; they have little or no ownership of the organization and what it stands for. Performance is motivated by rewards/consequences and salary increases.


People harness the power of a common vision across all departments and create a “cause” tied to the organization’s objectives. Motivations arise from personal emotional connections and fulfillment.

Problem Focused

People focused on the problems and why they prevent them from reaching their goals. This causes lower motivation and productivity because it also affects others in the organization

Solution Focused

People focus on the end result and work with others to find solutions; even if the problems are related to the people they are working with.


Employees are concerned with staying out of trouble which often requires no action or waiting for someone else to make a decision. This cause others to be affected lowering the overall productivity and stress within the organization.


Success of the organization is tied to personal success. People take action and make decisions with personal ownership. And if decisions turn out to be wrong, they learn from them and move on.


Employees look for reasons things that prevent them from succeeding or achieving goals. Since the reasons are external, they give up of finding solutions and resign to being victims who can do nothing to improve the situation. Blame also damages relationships and trust that affects the entire organizational culture.


People accept that problems will happen and

Self Focused

Employees are looking out for their own interests and what the company can do for them. When others make mistakes that affect their results, they react and blame and lose sight of the objective, wasting time and energy that would otherwise improve performance.

Group Focused

People understand each other at deeper levels of group dynamics, communicate well, and support each other to be the best they can. They focus on strengths of the group rather than pointing out weaknesses. The group benefits from the combined strengths focused on organizational objectives.

Aware of Organizations Vision

While may be aware of the organizational vision, they do not buy into it. To them, it is something Management came up with and not relevant to their job or success.

Clear Actionable and Motivated Vision

Employees have clarity and buy-in to a vision that supports personal and organizational success and are motivated to make behavior modifications to make it happen.