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Leadership Skills for Managers

Course Details

Module 1: Leadership Key Fundamentals
  • The leadership model that works
  • The impact and consequences of leadership
  • Your value as a leader
Module 2: Leadership Success Factors 
  • Task, team and personal requirements
Module 3: The Leadership Shift – New Age Leadership Styles 
  • The 21st Century Leadership Shift
  • Styles of an effective leader vs ineffective leader
  • Assessing your leadership traits
Module 4: (Personal Leadership Competence)
Leadership Rule #1– To be a Great Leader, Become a Great Person First
  • Your attitude, emotions, behavior
Module 5: Interpersonal Leadership Competence
Leadership Rule Number #2 – The Deeper Your Relationship, the Stronger your Leadership
  • Building trust, openness and commitment
Module 6: (Performance Management Competence) 
Leadership Rule Number #3: Disciplines of planning, disciplines of execution
  • Thinking strategically
  • Planning performance
  • Managing Performance
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Reviewing and following up
  • Going against the “whirlwind”
Module 7: Creating and Sustaining A Team Culture
  • Strategies, Principles, Ethics, Gratitude and Appreciation

“Great leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations by inspiring and motivating others towards a common purpose.” No two leaders are alike. That’s because leadership comes in many different forms: They vary in their management philosophies and have distinct personality quirks. But one idea remains significant –that leadership is unique to each person. Neither science nor formula will produce a leader; leadership is a matter of character.

Leaders are the single most important ingredient in building an engaged, high-performance workforce. All too often these leaders are ill-prepared for their critical new roles. Even when organizations put programs into place to enhance leadership skills, the impact is diluted because of a lack of organizational support. This leads to high rates of leadership failure, low employee loyalty, and, ultimately, poor business performance.
This is not a management course. It is distinctly a leadership program. We believe that leadership is the capacity to influence others to act. Leadership is an “influence process” and processes are observable and “learnable”.  Leaders groomed through this program would have the ability to build proactive, independent, trusting, proud, involved, respecting and self-sustaining teams or individuals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  • Define the attributes, roles and responsibilities of a leader
  • List the attributes of a leader
  • Describe the impact of an effective and ineffective leader
  • List the challenges faced by a leader
  • Gain awareness of personal leadership competence
  • Increase level of 3 competencies of a manager

Who Must Attend

This course is suitable for employees who are transiting into entry level leadership positions.


This is an experiential training which integrates learning through videos, role plays, presentations, activities, business games, case studies, presentations, group discussions and reflection.